Please email all submissions to with “Submissions” in the subject line.

  1. All images must be sent via Dropbox, with 2 separate folders for high-res and web-size
  2. Web size images must be under 2MB each
  3. At least one piece of clothing/accessory must be from a LV designer or LV independently owned business
  4. Include text document with all credits and social media handles, and inspiration or story
  5. Shoot titles are appreciated but not necessary
  6. No nudity, partial nudity, violence, weapons or direct drug or alcohol references
  7. Makeup and hair should complement the shoot, not overshadow – We prefer minimal
  8. Exceptions for this would be strictly beauty shots or if it reflects the period
  9. No teasing or curling irons, unless it’s a period shoot.
  10. Keep it real, imperfections are welcome. ie: don’t over edit skin/blemishes
  11. There are always exceptions, so if in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask!