fflv-aboutFashion Feed LV Magazine was created to highlight the individuals and entities that contribute to fashion culture in Las Vegas. Our content includes coverage of local designers, independently owned boutiques, fashion bloggers, organizations that support fashion, educational facilities, and fashion events.

It is our intent to promote fashion as an industry as well as an artistic pursuit, with the objective of supporting the local economy as well as supporting the next generation of budding designers and entrepreneurs.

We may be gluttons when it comes to fashion, but we also want to bring Las Vegas to the foreground as a place where fashion is considered to be a legitimate offering. The groundwork has already been laid, and we are looking to build on that, by creating a brand that is edgy, fashion forward, tech savvy, intellectual and fearless.

Our readers already know what is trending. We want to help plug them into their immediate surroundings by feeding them content that will inspire them to connect to their city on a deeper level.