Artist Mafia – Interview with Its Vertices


Amidst the industrial wasteland that sprawls along the east of I-15 , there lies an area that is consistently disorienting. The Stratosphere boasts its most prominent vertex, with two equidistant points dropping on a set of railroad tracks that slash through downtown Las Vegas leaving bloody scars of barbed wire and graffiti. It’s a triangle that most Las Vegans have lost themselves in at one time or another, and some have never found their way out of.

Within its perimeter, 3 visionaries have converged to form Artist Mafia, a creative combustion fueled by music, art and blind faith.  Attracted like moths to a flame, we found ourselves knocking on the door to their studios at Downtown Spaces not too long ago, prepared to interrogate the current partners, Anthony Wynkoop Tony Zanello and Jonny Iwamoto. Here is the result of our documented efforts to find out the origins, driving forces and anticipated trajectory of the trifecta known as Artist Mafia.

Visuals – Chase McCurdy
Interview by Cat Treu + Asia Thornton
Written intro by Cat Treu

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