Did You Get Your Pass to WWD Magic Yet?











Wild guess…. nope. Were you just planning on rolling in with no plan? Um, unless you want to be completely overtaken by a giant unforgiving wave of ADD, make no meaningful connections and spend most of your time wandering aimlessly taking photos of man buns,  might we suggest taking the Magical Tour?

Let Stitch Factory organize your day for you. That way you have more time to be unorganized. Riiiiiiight?

Also, Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30 is the FBI Networking Mixer at Stitch Factory. FBI stands for Fashion Business Inc, in case you had some other cray idea. This is definitely an event you should be at if you have a fashion brand. Frances Harder, the founder and author of Fashion for Profit, knows her stuff.

Get it together! We are here for you … you can do it.


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