Glam App Launches in Las Vegas

Vegas Summer is literally seconds away. Soon the Dayclubs will be in full swing, with ridiculously beautiful bodies draped around their pools. Around 5pm or so everybody will melt away, escaping the 100+ heat to their rooms to plot the evening’s debauchery. As cool, crisp sheets are sunken in to, even the mere thought of getting dressed can prove to be a challenging project.  How amazing would it be if with a push of button a stylist could magically appear to get you glammed up for the night, and… you could afford it? Well now, thanks to the Glam App, you can do just that.
We know. It’s amazing.

Founded in 2015 by actress/blogger, Cara Santana, and celebrity hair and make-up guru, Joey Maalouf (whose A-list clients include Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims), The Glam App is designed to be beneficial for both its customers and its stylists. It is a virtual agency where professional stylists of all levels can build and grow their own brands, and it instantly connects stylists to consumers, helping them generate their own clientele. Now women everywhere can get great stylist services on demand at an accessible price. The Glam App is available in Los Angeles, Orange County and New York City, and launched in Las Vegas last weekend.

FFLV was able to catch up with the dynamic duo at their pre-launch breakfast at Palms Place.
FFLV: How did the idea for The Glam App come to light?
Cara Santana: I wanted to create a luxury affordable beauty experience for every woman everywhere. I think all women deserve to look and feel their best. It was on a way to a red carpet, that I had the idea to find a solution to this problem. The idea of uber came to mind. I called Joey and together we created this two pronged approach to mobilize beauty; designed to give at home luxury beauty to women and a virtual agency for freelance artists. The Glam App was born.

FFLV: What sets the app apart from other beauty apps?
Cara Santana: I really think we have designed a unique concept that is equally advantageous to the provider (the stylist) and the consumer (the client). The concept of the virtual agency allowed us to help artists build and expand their brand while providing a much needed service. Our artists aren’t employed by us, but are freelance and that creates a different level of business.

 FFLV: How is it leveling the playing field?
Cara Santana: This allows artists to work at their discretion and pick their own schedules, and because of that we have more artists. Therefore, the client’s needs are always met.

FFLV: Why do you think Las Vegas is a unique market?
Cara Santana: It is the ultimate get up and go out location. It’s when you want to look and feel your most glamourous. Therefore, I think the luxury of at hotel services is high and there was a void. Now, The Glam App is here to fill it.

FFLV: Summer is standing stage left, plotting to undermine our beauty efforts. Any tips for us on how to co-exist with this beast?

Joey Maalouf: It may seem easy to just leave your hair down but the heat of the desert will have you sweating in seconds. Braids of any kind are always a good idea! Also, in any sunny situation you want to make sure not to over product your hair as it will only melt in the sun or turn sticky when sweat gets involved. Apply your products when your hair is damp to get effortless texture.

 FFLV: What are the hottest hairstyles being requested from your team right now?
Joey Maalouf: Our stylists are eager to please so they are capable of creating any look you desire. Our most popular looks are Bombshell (the perfect blowout) and shiny, smooth, sleek Pin Straight. Both looks are perfect for any occasion.



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