If you have any interest in men at all, you may have noticed a trend that seems to be sprouting up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Anyone?

Yes. It’s here, and don’t worry about missing out on this one, the Man Bun 2015 is a new strain, particularly hard to get rid of, and non-discriminating. Any man with hair and the ability to use a rubber band is fair game.

Team FFLV first noticed this upsurge at the Pool Tradeshow in February. Topknots, broknots, messy knots, and several other variations were coming at us from all angles. After our editor Asia counted 21 in what seemed like 5 minutes, it was pretty clear that this had become an epidemic. The 136K Instagram followers @manbunmonday would not disagree.

So please enjoy our palette of manbuns that we skillfully obtained while simultaneously trying not to suffer an attack of ADD while walking through WWD Magic.

And, as this legit piece of prose was in the works, it came to my attention that an underground movement of manbuns has arisen in DTLV. In honor of that movement, and in the spirit of David Beckham, the man who spearheaded it all, Fashion Feed would like to dedicate their Instagram for the next month to our very own, zen loving, Las Vegan, manbun men. Don’t keep that manbun to yourself. Share it with us!


Respect the manbun.

– by Cat Treu

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