Talking Fashion and Philanthropy with Eric Dickerson

erick dickerson


Sports Authority Las Vegas had a major event last weekend, celebrating the grand opening of two new locations as well as the revamping of an additional location. There to celebrate and give his support was Football Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson. Holding strong with the record for the most yards rushed in a single season, Eric has focused much of  his post-football career on giving back.

We were able to chat with Mr. Dickerson about his foundation, Young Warriors, as well as take a brief look at his view on sports fashion.

If you were shopping at Sports Authority with fashion in mind, Â what would you keep your eye out for?Â

To me Nike has the best sports fashion…I like to wear their gear a lot.

Have any shoe favorites that stand out in your memory?Â

(laughing) I guess just the turf shoes, they were really old school. Now they have so much, it’s kind of funny to think about what we used to wear.

Can you tell us a bit about your foundation?Â

My foundation, Young Warriors, is for fatherless boys. We have a program where we are going to the high schools, as well as junior high schools and working with at risk kids. The mother has to go through the program with the boy, to make sure they are serious about doing it. I think a real problem here in the United States is that a lot of kids don’t have dads at home. We are working to provide positive role models for these kids and hopefully help them to have a more positive future.

-To learn more about the Eric Dickerson Foundation, as well as Young Warriors, founded by Jason Hill, click on the links below.





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