Happy Birthday Space Princess

One of our staff members, Asia Thornton, turned 20 this weekend. Now that she has safely stepped off the ride known as Life is Beautiful, we would like to pay her a proper tribute. Â Taste-maker, writer, model, stylist, blogger and all around bad-ass chick, she has forged her own way and we are just happy to be one of the stops along her trek through the galaxy.

Ripped off shamelessly from her blog, these images should give you an idea why we think she is so amazing. But you really need to go to her blog and read her stuff;  this girl can write. If you don’t quite have a grasp of fashion blogging yet,  Asia’s blog should clue you in a bit. You can also read her monthly column in our magazine, in which she will always give her honest opinion on fashion happenings both local and global.  We think her voice matters, and you should too.


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EDC-248 ten untitled-682Follow Asia at Darlingfetch.blogspot.com

Twitter: @asianthorns

Instagram: @asianthorns

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