Argyleculture: Interview with its Creator, Russell Simmons

Argyleculture has resurfaced just in time for fall. It’s creator, Russell Simmons, who needs no introduction, has created a line that will, much like hip-hop culture, be appreciated by a diverse audience. Although the origins of hip-hop fashion lean toward a baggier cut and a looser fit, Argyleculture will represent a more sophisticated take on this genre that’s been cultivated by his introductory brand Phat Farm, and the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

The collection will represent a modern American point of view which speaks to all races, colors and backgrounds. In essence, it echoes the evolution of a movement that started in the Bronx, and is now threaded through the cultural tapestry worldwide.

In collaboration with accomplished tailored clothing company, Peerless Clothing, Argyleculture products are designed with inclusionary intentions, appealing to all fashion conscious men and offering wardrobe options across sportswear, clothing and accessory categories. The brand features traditional and classic elements, with highlighted twists, that add a degree of irreverence and unpredictability. ( site )

We were able to speak with Russell about his line at MRKT Las Vegas 2014.


Can you tell us a bit about your brand Argyleculture?

It’s something I’ve been working on a very long time. There is a hole in the market;Â I like to call it a white space. A lot of classic American apparel is cut boxy or crazy. This line is different in that it has a real simple edge to it. There are aspects that are specific to urban culture that are pop and mainstream for everyone, but still have a personality, an edge. Our personality is very unique. That’s what Argyleculture is, it fills that white space.


The line has been described as geared towards the “Urban Graduate”, or somebody that has grown up with a hip-hop influence, now mature and successful in his or her own right. Can you elaborate on this?Â

Our customer likes to dress up, they like their sportswear to be more dressy. I think we know our customer pretty well, and what they want. We are here because we think we’re fun, we have a nice cut and we suit a certain customer across a diverse spectrum. It serves a purpose from a creative standpoint, not just an ethical standpoint. So that’s my take on it. Fashion should be inclusive.


Where can we find ArgyleCulture?Â

It’s hitting Macy’s right now, they are setting up our fixtures as we speak. They’ve been a real support system. The Fall Collection will also be available on our website very soon.


Can you tell us a bit about your Spring 2015 Collection?Â

It’s colorful and fun, and it comes from our heart. It’s an honest thing.  Like this piece…(pointing to an argyle vest with a bright rainbow color palette, see below) there is nothing like it.  Although it speaks to a broad audience, there is an urban component. This is a unique collection in its perspective, and I’m happy to keep doing it.

IMG_0827 copy





IMG_0792 2 copyArgyleculture is now available at Macy’s and Bon Ton locations nationwide.

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