9 Things Designers Should Know About Sourcing a Line at Magic

Thinking of starting a fashion line and don’t know where to start?

President of Sourcing at MAGIC, Christopher Griffin, offers expert advice on how to navigate developing production relationships with vendors at MAGIC’s August 2014 show:

1. Â Before you speak with a potential vendor, you should know your order quantity per style, when the order needs to be received at your warehouse, and the maximum per unit cost you can pay to achieve your profit margin.

2. Â Find out if the potential vendor has a minimum purchase requirement. If the requirements are higher than what you need, walk away.

3.  It’s best to get pricing quoted on a FOB or LDP warehouse basis – meaning the freight costs are pre-built into the price.


4. Â Factories need a tech pack and a working sample to do their best work – so bring both with you to MAGIC.

5. Â Prior to ordering, confirm with the factory what deviation from the approved sample you will accept.

6. Â Agree on firm delivery and cancel dates.

7. Â Request a pre-production sample and a production sample once the order is in process.

8. Â Ensure that before the goods are shipped that they are inspected for quality control.

9.  Inspect and count the goods as soon as you receive them – any problems must be communicated to the factory at once.

Expert Reminder: Anything under 1,000 pieces of a style is considered a small order.

About SOURCING at MAGIC: The world’s most comprehensive fashion sourcing event, SOURCING at MAGIC is where brands, designers and sourcing executives gain access to global resources spanning the entire supply chain. We offer unmatched access to over 43 countries, more than 1,000 apparel, accessories, footwear and home textile resources, plus over 200 fabric, trim and component resources.

To register, visit magiconline.com for the August 2014’s show!

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