The Indubitably Combatent Gentleman: Izaac Zevalking of Recycled Propaganda

Recycled Propaganda is the brain child of visual artist Izaac Baron Zevalking V. Born in London, his transplant to the United States opened his eyes to the differences in cultures, and provoked him to explore the matter both intellectually and artistically. His subversive works of art address the complex problems and issues in recent American and world history, culture, and society.

“Our mission is to utilize the power of the visual to promote thought, initiate conversation and ultimately inspire change. If a picture says 1,000 words its power for change is surely 1,000 times more potent. Think for yourself and embrace your unique perceptions.” – Recycled Propaganda

Photography: The Progeny Photo
Creative: Catherine Treu
Intro location: Justice Den Art Installation at Reclaimed
Slim Fit Black Suit $160 , provided by Combatent Gentlemen
 combat-7 combat-17 combat-8  combat-9 combat-2 combat-3 combat-5 combat-19 combat-20 combat-21  combat-18   combat-10  combat-11  combat-14   combat-15 combat-16  All Rights Reserved.

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