A Literary Garden of Style by Olivia Zech



The sophisticated charm of Inspire Café begins with rich illy coffee wafting to pedestrians.


As hurried locals stop by inside to order their beverages, a mystique unfolds. The barista assembles her tools in the sleek metallic entrance, and the eye can’t help but wander to the book machine – yes, book machine – resting in the middle of the space. Drew, its amiable operator, says hello to everybody. Beyond the industrial gesture of novel binding to-go, magazines align the walls.


From top to bottom and left to right, the café gives you pickings of nearly 200 hometown and international issues. Not to worry, it won’t take long to find one (or twenty) you like.


Inspire Café houses a blossomed season of knowledge year round with its massive literary collection. Shelves of current reads cover every subject – whether for foodies, news enthusiasts, artists, entrepreneurs, techies, or the simply curious.


Even just for the lad who likes to flip through something while enjoying a cappuccino. Within this caffeinated frenzy, you’ll find interest groups like edgy dressers from The Fashion List on Nomic, to coworking artists and business builders.


The magazines beckon a cool, urban hangout, and certainly make a cup of Joe last. And really, there’s a read for everyone here. You have to scan the walls, but searching is part of the indulgent, intellectual process. Think less strategically and more gutsy. Pick something new you haven’t read before and greet the surprise it withholds.


Here at Inspire, the world’s voice is tangible, glossy, and at your fingertips, with Italian roast just feet away. Flower crowns, ripped jeans, maroon pants, formal dress suits, shiny heels, and slicked hair are all welcome. Between you and I, curiosity is the best accessory.


Written by Olivia Zech

Images by Derek De La Luz

Model: Lauren Eliot


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